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Developer Richard Dare
Based in Warwickshire, UK


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Release Date 2nd June 2014

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The retro shooter from the future

Antigen is a retro style arcade/puzzle shooting game for iPhone and iPod Touch. The basic gameplay is simple. You control a ship that rotates around the edge of an elliptical playfield, shooting inwards. If anything touches the edge you lose energy. Lose too much energy and you die. Inside the ellipse are 30 levels of swarming biological foes, multiplying toxic cells, physics puzzles and colourful particle effects.


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About the developer

Antigen was created by Richard Dare, a self-taught programmer, artist and musician living near Stratford upon Avon in the UK. It is his first iOS app, and his first game since 2003. Back in 2003, he was a director and lead developer at Gameonthego Ltd, an early pioneer of mobile gaming. At Gameonthego he created his first game, Starblaster. He has also published articles on game design and the psychology of gaming.